For Enactees

Hello Enactees! Here is a collection of tools that make our work easier. We use Google Workspace for communication, editing documents and tracking meetings. Also, check out the annual Enactus calendar so you don't miss any upcoming events. And last but not least, you can find some information about onboarding.

Google Workspace

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We use the Enactus Google Workspace to plan, to communicate and manage documents. With one account, members can edit documents in real time, easily schedule appointments and securely share files - all in one place. More information below.

Enactus annual calendar

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We all know that the best thing about Enactus is the great network it offers. That's why Enactus events are the best opportunity to network and socialize with other Enactees. Get an overview below.


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As you may know, the second challenge enactees face after recruiting is the onboarding process! Here are some tips on onboarding to make your start with us easier. You are also welcome to share your experiences and tips with us at any time!