You're in the right place with us.

Make Enactus an unforgettable part of your studies. Make new contacts, think outside the box, gain start-up experience for life and contribute to achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals through entrepreneurial action.

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Seven reasons to join Enactus


Enough of theory, time to practice!

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At enactus Braunschweig, we put theory into practice. We put everything you learn in the lecture hall into concrete projects. We solve real problems and use your academic knowledge to make a real impact. Our projects are the perfect opportunity to turn theoretical knowledge into practical solutions and improve the world one step at a time.


Live entrepreneurship!

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Start your entrepreneurial journey during your studies. At enactus Braunschweig, you will gain valuable experience in the field of entrepreneurship. You will learn what it means to take a project from idea to implementation, create business plans and discuss them with experienced advisors. Our platform offers you the unique opportunity to experience and develop entrepreneurial thinking and action at first hand.


Doing good - socially and sustainably

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Get involved for a better world. Our projects are designed to create socially and ecologically sustainable solutions. With enactus Braunschweig, you can make a positive contribution to society while promoting sustainable practices. This is about doing good while having a long-term, sustainable impact.


A strong network has your back

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A strong network keeps you on track With over 1700+ students at 30 other universities in Germany and alumni in Braunschweig, you benefit from our strong network. At enactus Braunschweig, we work together with advisors from local companies such as Consileon or CGI from various industries, who support you with their expertise and experience. For a scientific approach to finding solutions, we are in exchange with academic advisors from the TU Braunschweig or the Entrepreneurship Hub at Ostfalia Wolfenbüttel. This collaboration offers you an excellent opportunity to make valuable contacts and learn from the best.


Your idea becomes reality!

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At enactus Braunschweig, you can contribute your own ideas and launch your own project. You will gain experience in team leadership and project management. Our innovation team offers you the platform to be creative, develop new ideas and show leadership qualities. Do you already have an idea that you would like to implement? Write us a message, we want to know more about it!


To the party? TO THE PARTY!

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Our events offer you the perfect opportunity to get to know other students and make friends for your studies. At enactus Braunschweig, you will experience exciting parties and networking events that will enrich your student life and give you unforgettable memories. Sports groups, the walking cocktail, the team weekend or the trip to the National Cup, where various Enactus projects from all over Germany compete, are an integral part of every year.


What are you waiting for?

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Have you decided to join enactus Braunschweig? Then register now for the kick-off (at the beginning of each semester, see Events) or join the WhatsApp group for new members. If you have any questions or would like to join during the semester, write to us on Instagram (@enactus_braunschweig) or by email ( - we look forward to hearing from you! :-)

And where else can we be found?

enactus teams are at home all over Germany and the world. Would you like more information? Have a look around!